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Even the best HVAC design is rendered useless without the proper ductwork to carry your refined air throughout your home. Larson’s A/C & Heating doubles as an inspection and ductwork installation company. We make sure that your HVAC is able to do its job properly through installing ductwork and maintaining what is already in place through cleaning and repair. We can help you not only determine the best air conditioning and heating solutions for your home, but the best method of air distribution as well.

Larson’s A/C & Heating offers the following services when it comes to ductwork:

  • Ductwork Installation

    As a ductwork installation company, Larson’s A/C & Heating wants to make sure that your HVAC is able to do its job to the best of its ability. Part of that is installing ductwork to the highest industry standards including selecting the best components for your home. With appropriately sized ducts, we make sure your HVAC design is working optimally.

  • Ductwork Repair

    Our work doesn’t end with installing duct work. We assist you in the continued upkeep of your already installed ducts. Larson’s A/C & Heating can help you identify and manage any problems that may make your system less effective than normal.

  • Ductwork Replacement

    If your home has been subject to major damage, rather than getting major repairs, sometime the best solution is starting over and installing new ductwork. Larson’s A/C & Heating helps our clients with replacements including sizing for ductwork and completing the project. We will help you upgrade to all new ventilation systems.